Tales of the Lockdown – Episode 15 …

    ‘HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL’ – what a wonderful inspiration for Spring 2021…. at least that’s what us in The Ridwares WI & the Best Kept Village Comitteee thought!  The response to this poem/theme by places like Malmesbury in Wiltshire, got us thinking.  How could we ‘translate’ this to our village of HIll Ridware?  Well, this is the response so far…..

  The WI ‘garden’ area outside the Village Hall is a riot of colour & positivity.  Thanks to Karen, Alan & Wendy, in particular, for all their hard work in making this happen.  It really does bring a smile to your face.

If you look hard as you wander through the village, you will spot a number of ‘Wreaths of Hope’ in windows & on doors, crafted by ladies of The Ridwares WI during one of their afternoon ‘Craft & Chatter’ sessions – a ‘craft along with Gaye’ activity via Zoom.  Very colourful!

Watch this space for further responses to ‘Hope Springs Eternal’….

What can you do to embrace this theme?

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