Tales of the Lockdown – Episode 20 ….

4 of our ladies (Chris S, Kate B, Karen P & Gaye) were very fortunate to have the opportunity of a Painting Workshop with renowned local artist, Sunny Eades at The Old Hall, Mavesyn Ridware.  The weather cooled, which was better for painting outside, and thankfully, the threatened rain did not happen.  None of the ‘gang of 4’ had picked up a paintbrush since their school days  – unless ‘helping’ grand-children counts for some of them? – so there was some trepidation as to the kit needed & the essential question of ‘how exactly do you ‘paint’?’  No worries were needed, however, as Sunny quickly put everyone at their ease, & offered advice & helpful hints no matter which medium was being used – watercolours or acrylics.

Lots of silent concentration on ‘the wall’ was evident – we’ve never been so quiet!   Each lady took a different perspective, & used watercolours (paints or pens) or acrylics to express what they ‘saw’.  The results were very pleasing & so very different!

Everyone was proud of what they had achieved – & it was so good to work in such a supportive & enjoyable environment.  The lovely garden was obviously inspirational!

Sunny’s efforts were of a different calibre, as was only to be expected. Our brushstroke technique definitely needs far more practice if we are to get the definition that Sunny manages.

Future Turner Prize winners? Perhaps not.  There is an awful lot to learn – but it’s so much fun as well.  The village Art Classs beckons for at least one of the ‘gang of 4’.  Thank you to Sunny for her hospitality, time, patience & expertise.

A great time was had by all: ‘fun & friendship’, the core of The Ridwares WI.

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