‘Thank You’ NHS – & all Key Workers….

July 4th 2021 – national ‘Thank You Day’ to all our NHS & Key Workers, who have kept going, & kept all of us ‘going’, throughout the pandemic.  They certainly deserve a whole load of ‘thanks’!  The Ridwares WI had planned a picnic outside the village hall for the Sunday afternoon, in order to meet together in person & say ‘Thank You’ – but the weather had a totally different idea.  It rained… & rained… & rained …. & continued to pour throughout the day.  Result?  A cancelled picnic… & a beautiful cake made by Amy of O’Brien Bakes.

So what to do with it all?  Well, picnics were shared with neighbours anyway, & eaten over the next few days.  But what about the beautiful cake?  Step in Sister Debra, who lives in the village, ‘to the rescue’.   We were so pleased to donate the cake to her & her colleagues at Solihull Hospital – who really enjoyed sharing & eating it, & appreciated its meaning of ‘thankfulness’.

‘Thank You NHS!

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