Bee Happy …..

February was ‘Show the Love’ month for us in The Ridwares WI – hence the green hearts display by the WI garden area outside the Village Hall.  WI’s throughout the country focused their attention on environmental issues during the month, & we are no exception.

Green hearts were worn by many ladies to our February meeting where Gavin Cordon came to talk to us about ‘For the Love of Bees’.

Did you know that it’s the female worker bees who do all the work?  Neither did we in The Ridwares WI, but, according to Gavin, it’s true.  Drone bees, however, are all male and their sole responsibility is to fly out of the hive to mate with the queen. Their role ends when they are are no longer fertile.  Fascinating …. & the honey tasting wasn’t bad either!  Needless to say, Gavin’s local honey was the best tasting.  Another very enjoyable, & informative evening.

Our monthly competition encouraged us all to produce something from recycled materials – quite a range of ideas!  Bees were also the focus for more crafting endeavours when some of our ladies got together to craft door & window hangers with Gaye – ‘SOS for Bees’ is one of our WI resolutions that we continually come back to & keep in mind.  So do look out for these crafty bits & pieces around the village!  What would be your ‘green heart climate pledge’?

February is also Quiz Time! ….. with the annual SFWI County Quiz at the Showground.  The competition is fierce – some teams have been through a selection process prior to the evening itself, whilst others have practiced a lot!  The Ridwares WI team – aka Jeanette, Angela, Tina, & Gaye – well, we take it seriously, but are also there to have a good time.  The colour theme was ‘NHS blue’, so our picnic table decor was colour co-ordinated accordingly & Gaye had made some nurses hats for us to wear.  Angela, being the only ex-nurse on the team wasn’t too sure about their authenticity, but gave an ‘A’ for effort!

And as for the results? We didn’t win…. but came in the top 10!

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