For the love of St David ……

There was a definite buzz in the village hall on Thursday 3rd March; 2 years before, the Welsh Tea was the last afternoon tea that The Ridwares WI held before Lockdown 1 was declared.  So many things have happened since then – so many loved ones lost, but also gained.  It was quite poignant … and the question was, ‘Were the ladies up to the task?’

Also …. ‘Had we forgotten what to do?’  ‘Just how many cheese scones & Bara Brith do we need to bake?’  ‘Would people come’?

We needn’t have worried .. the ladies rose to the task, as always… although Chris G’s dog did eat all her scone mixture & Welsh Cakes whilst she went to answer the door!

The hall was decorated with Welsh flags & vases of daffodils; thanks to Alan W, Bob T & Chris E for doing this.

How wonderful to see the hall full of chatter & people, enjoying eachothers company & eating Bara Brith, cheese scones & Welsh cakes, all downed with much tea & coffee.  The raffle was amazing as were the cakes & handmade goods for sale.  A lovely afternoon was had by all.

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